About Sheila

Sheila has spent her entire career in communications, first in advertising and trade publishing, but with an early transfer into corporate and employee communications, which she loved.

From 2001-2015, she founded and led theblueballroom, a strategic and creative consultancy that championed excellent communications and the power of employee engagement in building successful businesses. During this time, she worked for clients as diverse as adidas, the Deutsche Post DHL Group, Mars Drinks, Siemens, Rentokil Initial, Roche and Syngenta.

Sheila is passionate about people and business and how the two connect in the workplace. She has developed a deep understanding of how large complex organisations succeed and first-hand insights into people at work.

She has also worked in different cultures, engaging people with her inclusive approach and accessible style. She is now an independent consultant, specialising in leadership comms, culture and values, and employee performance.

The PRIDE model is a culmination of Sheila’s experience of the best and worst examples of organisational behaviour, and tempered by almost 40 years of her own positive experience at work, loving what she does and enabling others to feel the same.

Her book, Take Pride, is aimed at smart people who want to make a tangible difference to their organisation’s culture and performance. It will be published by Unbound on 6th September 2018. To hear Sheila talking about Take Pride, and to pre-order your copy, please click the link.

“Both as a supplier and an employer, I’ve spent a lot of time working out what it means to have pride in the organisation you work for and to have pride in what you do. I’ve now created a model for organisations to achieve this. I urge you to embrace the PRIDE philosophy, apply its proven methods, and by doing so make a huge impact on your organisation and your employees’ lives.”

Sheila Parry
The PRIDE Model

Do you want to take PRIDE?

There is no single silver bullet that will bring PRIDE to your organisation, but there is a proven methodology. Get in touch with theblueballroom internal communications agency to find out how you can implement a PRIDE programme in your organisation.