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The PRIDE model is a unique approach to building employee engagement and high performance in the workplace.

What is PRIDE and why is it important?

The PRIDE model is a unique approach to building employee engagement and high performance in the workplace. Created by independent communications consultant, Sheila Parry, it aims to make work better for everyone.

PRIDE stands for Purpose, Reputation, Integrity, Direction and Energy, which are the key factors in driving collective and individual performance – and pride.

The business case for building
pride at work is compelling.

It delivers higher performance, builds brand reputation and achieves customer loyalty. It increases innovation, quality, productivity and profit. It can reduce health and safety incidents, absenteeism and staff attrition. Individuals derive huge personal benefits from meaningful work too. Those who are more fulfilled at work tend to achieve more, and they lead happier and healthier lives. Yet, in the UK, only one in three employees say they love their jobs and as many don’t give a damn. PRIDE aims to change that statistic.

Leaders should always have the big picture in view, but they also need to look at life from the individual employee’s point of view. Nothing happens at work unless the employees turn up physically and emotionally, so PRIDE puts them and their interests on a par with those of the organisation.

People who apply the PRIDE model will create an authentic and energetic workplace where people understand and share purpose and direction, where they want and are able to contribute, and where they know they are valued.

PRIDE looks at life at work from the dual perspective of the organisation and the people that work there.

“Over a period of seventeen years our agency worked for some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations and I’ve employed scores of brilliant, motivated people. I’ve observed first-hand what makes people most motivated at work – what makes them proud to be there, proud of their organisation and proud of their role within it.

“I’m passionate about making work a great place to be for the majority, not the minority. The PRIDE model is based on the realities of a challenging workplace and I now want others to use that philosophy and methodology to build a better working world. PRIDE is for smart people who want to make a difference in their organisation.”

Sheila Parry
The PRIDE Model

Do you want to take PRIDE?

There is no single silver bullet that will bring PRIDE to your organisation, but there is a proven methodology. Get in touch with Sheila to find out how you can implement a PRIDE programme in your organisation.