I wish I’d said that!

Have you ever read something erudite published by McKinsey and thought “I wish I’d said that!” Well, this time I can honestly say, “I did say that!”

When I published the PRIDE Model two years ago, I spoke about elevating the role and interests of the individual at work to those of the organisation, creating an authentic employee-centric culture that delivers benefits to business and people. At the heart of the model is a recognition of the power of purpose – on both an organisational and an individual level – and an appeal to leaders to learn more about who their employees are and what they truly stand for. 

In this world where commerce and COVID-19 are cohabiting (we are not post-COVID yet), this theme is coming to the fore. According to the latest from McKinsey, “these are challenging times, and people who are able to draw energy and direction from a sense of individual purpose will weather them with more resilience, and will recover better afterward. Companies that embed and activate individual purpose in the employee experience can benefit as well, including through improved performance.” 

Anyone who has heard me speak on building pride at work knows that this echoes exactly what the PRIDE Model stands for. For I believe passionately in finding meaning and value in what we do for a living, but I also respect the diversity of individual team members and their personal motivations that get them there in the first place. 

If you want to explore how to make purpose a relevant theme in your organisation, please get in touch or take a look at the purpose section on the THE PRIDE MODEL area of this website. Also, check out and share this recent article with the influencers at your work. Bravo to McKinsey for giving this topic renewed attention and reaching a wider audience than I ever will.



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