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Every organisation is in a different starting position and so will need a bespoke programme and implementation team. However, the typical process for a PRIDE programme includes the following steps:

1. Establish your team

Creating a PRIDE programme and putting it into practice requires leadership, ownership and resource. Typically, our engagement programmes are led by a strategic partner to the Board and/or the HR/Communications team, but we will work with any of your key stakeholders to scope the programme.

The resourcing and structure of the implementation team will depend on the scale and capabilities of your team and your organisation. We can provide experienced Pride Practitioners to support your internal team as required.

2. Embrace the philosophy

The PRIDE model is built on the core belief that performance is driven by pride in your organisation and pride in your role. It is also essential that the entire programme is explained clearly and supported where necessary by skills development and coaching.

HR and Communications professionals are a good group to work with because they understand the organisation’s strategy and its workforce, they manage its communications channels, and they are well connected with its decision-makers.

3. Understand your starting point

The programme team’s first action is to determine – through fact-finding, qualitative and quantitative investigation – how all five elements of the PRIDE model currently work in your organisation.

We can help your team lead structured interviews and focus groups with representative groups from senior management, functional leads and employee teams. You can also conduct a PRIDE diagnostic of all, or a representative sample of, your employees. Its questions and statements in 12 different categories will provide a PRIDE score for your organisation.

4. Accept independent analysts

The results of your PRIDE diagnostic will be analysed by The Centre for Brand Analysis and summarised by an independent researcher. Your diagnostic report will demonstrate where your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses lie and pinpoint areas most in need of attention. 

Each organisation’s results will be unique and its improvement programme will need to be tailored accordingly. We will work with your internal team to present results to the leadership team and put forward recommendations for improvement.

5. Create action plans

The PRIDE model’s components are affected by a wide range of factors, so recommendations for improvement are likely to touch many parts of your organisation.

We work with your internal PRIDE implementation team to identify the actions that will make the greatest difference to collective and individual performance. We will work within your existing structures and assign actions to the most appropriate lead.

6. Track progress and celebrate achievements

Light-touch reviews of your action plans and quick pulse surveys enable you to track progress over the first 12-18 months of your programme before repeating the PRIDE Diagnostic.

If you already have an employee recognition scheme, you should consider whether to integrate elements of the PRIDE programme into it; if not, we can help you create a process that fits your organisation’s culture and encourages people to celebrate their ‘moments of pride’.

“The PRIDE model is the very embodiment of what a company should be made up of. When the five factors of PRIDE are integral to a company, it is invariably a flourishing business and one that people aspire to work for. Energy is my favourite PRIDE factor – after all if you don’t have a healthy, happy workforce you don’t have a basis on which to build your business. A company is only as good as the people it employs!”

Shaneen McEvoy
Account Manager

Do you want to take PRIDE?

There is no single silver bullet that will bring PRIDE to your organisation, but there is a proven methodology. Get in touch with Sheila to find out how you can implement a PRIDE programme in your organisation.